Khadi Cotton Nomad Wide Tunic
Khadi Cotton Nomad Wide Tunic
Khadi Cotton Nomad Wide Tunic

Khadi Cotton Nomad Wide Tunic

This very wide tunic, inspired by the bedouins, has a doubled border hemline that adds the right weight so that the garment will fall heavily on both sides. It looks great when worn over a Classic Long Shell and Cropped Pyjamas, Wide leg Pyjamas or the Turkish Pyjamas.

Chest circumference: 245 cms

Length measurement: 75 cms

Size Instructions: Free Size: UK size 10 - 18

100% Cotton, Natural Dyed, Handwoven 

There will be variations in colour on the panels and streaks on parts of the garment. We have not avoided this while cutting the cloth for sewing. There might also be a faint odour of the natural dye used. This is not to be viewed as errors but to be accepted as a part of the beauty of the cloth and the hand process involved in its production. The cloth will look even better after a few washes.

Due to the typical process of the dyeing, washing and drying, the excess colour will rub off very slightly till the garment goes through a few wash cycles. Natural dyed fabric is sensitive to light. We advise you to store these garments wrapped in muslin, in your closed wardrobe. We have hand-washed each garment three times before it is ready to be packed. But we urge you to be part of this wonderful ageing process of the specially made cloth and wear dark inner wear and be careful till the dye settles into the fibre of the fabric.



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